The Society for Mathematical Biology

Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting | June 13-17, 2021


Where will SMB 2021 take place?

The SMB 2021 Annual Meeting will be a virtual conference. We will utilize the following platforms to create an immersive conference experience.

  • Sococo for poster sessions, networking, and socializing

  • Zoom for plenary and minisymposium talks

  • Slack for general announcements and messaging

What are the registration costs?

Your registration will support the dissemination of research and education at the interface between the mathematical and biological sciences by a small fee to partially cover the third-party virtual platform cost for your participation. More information about registration for the conference can be found here.

  • High School & Undergraduate Students: Free (Zoom access only) or $10 (Zoom & Sococo access)

  • Graduate Students: $10

  • Postdoctoral Scholars: $20

  • Academic Faculty & Industry: $30 for SMB/ESMTB members or $65 for non-SMB/non-ESMTB members

Sign up today for an SMB membership to reduce the registration fee!

Participants can apply for a registration fee waiver. You can also make a bigger impact for young mathematical biologists by covering the cost of their registration.

What are the minimum software/hardware requirements for Sococo?

  • Supported Web Browsers: Always use the latest version of Google Chrome. Sococo supports the current version and the previous major release of Google Chrome. Other browsers are not supported.

  • Network Connection with Adequate Bandwidth: At a minimum, Sococo requires a download speed of 5 Mbps and an upload speed of 2 Mbps.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Sococo supports the current version and the two previous major releases for the following operating systems.

    • Mac OS X

    • Windows (administrator right required for the desktop app)

    • Linux (any modern distribution that is supported by Google Chrome, the desktop app for Linux is not supported)

  • Computer Hardware:

    • Any dual-core processor

    • Integrated camera or USB web camera

Do I need to register if I am not presenting a poster or abstract?

Yes! Registration is required for participation in the SMB 2021 Annual Meeting.

Will my talk be recorded or live-streamed?

Authors can select to opt in/out of recordings during abstract submission.

While we highly encourage talks to be presented live, there will also be an option to submit a pre-recorded talk.

What are the current SMB subgroups?

There are currently 8 SMB subgroups. More information about each subgroup can be found here.

  • CDEV: Cell & Developmental Biology

  • EDUC: Education

  • IMMU: Immunobiology & Infection

  • MEPI: Mathematical Epidemiology

  • NEUR: Mathematical Neuroscience

  • ONCO: Mathematical Oncology

  • MFBM: Methods for Biological Modeling

  • POPD: Population Dynamics, Ecology & Evolution

Can I submit an abstract that is not affiliated with any SMB subgroup?

Yes! During abstract submission you can choose the option 'None' for relevant SMB subgroup.

When will I be notified about abstract selection?

All submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the SMB Subgroups and the conference scientific committee after the abstract submission deadline on March 15. Notification of abstract selection for poster or oral presentation will be sent in April.

What are the poster requirements?

Registration is required to present a poster. Please register at your earliest convenience. More information about registration can be found here.

A tutorial video of the Sococo platform is online for you to get a glimpse into what the virtual poster session will look and feel like.

Please follow the following guidelines:

  • Poster Dimensions: Max of 3 ft x 4 ft or 91 cm x 122 cm.

  • Format: PDF only

  • File Size: Not to exceed 25MB. If necessary, here are instructions to reduce file size can be found here.

  • Poster File Name: Lastname_Firstname_XXXX.pdf, where XXXX is to be replaced by the identifier of the SMB subgroup the poster belongs to. XXXX = { CDEV, EDUC, IMMU, MEPI, NEUR, ONCO, MFBM, POPD, OTHE }. All subgroups (and corresponding codes) are listed on the SMB subgroup page.

  • Upload Location: Please upload your poster pdf to the Subgroup Google Drive folder that your subgroup chair emailed you.

How do I format my virtual poster?

Posters should be landscape format and saved as a single page pdf, to ensure that everybody will be able to view it on their personal computer or tablet. When designing your poster, please chose content and font size carefully to clearly communicate your research. All accepted posters will be uploaded to a shared drive for access through Sococo during the poster session. Details will be communicated in the upcoming weeks.

Do you still have questions about SMB 2021?

Please send all questions to We will get back to you as soon as we can!