Sococo seamlessly supports live video presentations of sessions, recording of and technical support for those sessions, pre-recorded talks, poster sessions, networking and socializing. The site also will allow small groups of participants to interact in real-time directly with each other.

  • Supported Web Browsers: Always use the latest version of Google Chrome. Sococo supports the current version and the previous major release of Google Chrome. Other browsers are not supported.

  • Network Connection with Adequate Bandwidth: At a minimum, Sococo requires a download speed of 5 Mbps and an upload speed of 2 Mbps.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Sococo supports the current version and the two previous major releases for the following operating systems.

    • Mac OS X

    • Windows (administrator right required for the desktop app)

    • Linux (any modern distribution that is supported by Google Chrome, the desktop app for Linux is not supported)

  • Computer Hardware:

    • Any dual-core processor

    • Integrated camera or USB web camera


Mini-Symposium & Contributed Talk Sessions

  • Sessions will be started and recordings initiated by the virtual support team at MathDept.org, who will make the session chair a co-host on Zoom. The MathDept.org team will also stop the recording for any speaker who does not wish to be recorded.

  • Each session will begin with the session chair reading the following script: “This session will be recorded and made available on the SMB 2021 website for up to a week after the conference concludes, unless a speaker has previously expressed that they wish not to be recorded. We invite non-speakers to turn off their cameras if they wish and we ask all non-speakers to mute their microphone. If you have a question for the speaker, please either type it in the chat or wait until the Q&A time after the presentation to ask your question live using the ‘Raise you hand’ reaction.”

  • If a speaker from a session has to cancel or does not show up at their allotted time, the arranged schedule of the remaining speakers in your session will not be altered.

  • If any technical difficulties arise, please consult the MathDept.org representative in your session or use the #help-center channel in Slack.