Prize Winners

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

ORNL Sponsored DEI Awards

Kara Allum

Juan B. Gutiérrez

UCR ICQMB Sponsored DEI Award

Stacey Smith?

Overall Poster Prizes

Springer Nature Poster Prize for Overall Best Established Researcher

Amanda Laubmeier | Population Dynamics, Ecology, & Evolution | Interplay between pesticide use and natural predator behaviors

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Poster Prize for Overall Best Postdoctoral Researcher

Laura Strube | Immunobiology & Infection | Logical models reveal the complex immune cell differentiation phenomena produced by the MISA motif

Elsevier’s Lewis Wolpert Graduate Student Poster Prize

Aparna Ramachandran | Immunobiology & Infection | Studying the Effects of Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs at Extrapulmonary Sites using a Physiology-based Pharmacokinetic Model

Wiley Poster Prize for Overall Best Undergraduate Student Researcher

Lucia Wagner | Mathematical Epidemiology | Modeling Public Health Impact of E-Cigarettes on Adolescents and Adults

Pfizer Poster Prize for Covid-19 Modeling

Elba Raimúndez | Mathematical Epidemiology | COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan demonstrates the limitations of publicly available case numbers for epidemiological modeling


Elsevier Poster Prize for CDEV

Ryan Godin | Stripe Heterogeneity Affects Global Coordination of Oscillations in Synthetic Microbial Consortia

CDEV Poster Prizes

J. Cody Herron | Quantification and modeling of podosomes during frustrated phagocytosis

Daniel Cruz | Agent-based Modeling of Emergent Patterns Within Stem Cell Colonies

Georgia Pope | Stability Analysis of a Mathematical Model of Hormonal Contraception

Youngmin Park | The Dynamics of Vesicles Driven Through Closed Constrictions by Molecular Motors

UCR Contributed Talk Prize for CDEV

William Martinson | Extracellular matrix remodelling by neural crest cells provides a robust signal for collective migration

CDEV Contributed Talk Prizes

Zoe Lange & Franziska Kramer | Investigating Mechanical Force Dynamics of Extra-Embryonic Membranes in Tribolium castaneum

Denis Patterson | A Mathematical Model of Neuronal Identity with Ectopic Domains


EDUC Poster Prize

Keith Harris | Biomaton: a platform for the visualisation, analysis and computation of biological models

EDUC Contributed Talk Prize

Aneequa Sundus | PhysiCell Training Apps: Cloud hosted open-source apps to explore different modules of agent-based multicellular simulations


ISoF Poster Prize for IMMU

Miranda Lynch | Computational geometry, Delaunay tessellations and alpha shapes for protein interactions: Exploring Coronavirus Mpro drug binding

IMMU Poster Prizes

Michael Pablo | Multiscale modeling of a self-renewing, self-deploying antiviral for SARS-CoV-2

Angelica Bloomquist | Modeling the risk of HIV infection for drug abusers

UCR Contributed Talk Prize for IMMU

Bevelynn Williams | A stochastic intracellular model of anthrax infection with spore germination heterogeneity

IMMU Contributed Talk Prizes

Solveig A. van der Vegt | Mathematical modelling of autoimmune myocarditis and the effects of immune checkpoint inhibitors

Martin Lopez-Garcia | A stochastic multi-scale model of Francisella tularensis infection

Aniruddha Deka | Pathogen competition and mutant invasion in face of human choice in vaccination


10x Genomics Poster Prize for MEPI

Nao Yamamoto | Quantifying Compliance with COVID-19 Mitigation Policies in the US

Takeda Poster Prize for MEPI

Dylan Dronnier | Targeted Vaccination Strategies for Infinite-Dimensional Compartmental Models

MEPI Poster Prizes

Pedro Henrique Pinheiro Cintra | Evaluating the effect of non pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 infection dynamics through agent based models

Eva Stadler | Who carries malaria parasites over the dry season?

Nicole Cusimano | COVID-19 dynamics in the Basque Country: towards spatially dependent models

Daniel Cardoso Pereira Jorge | Estimating the effective reproduction number for heterogeneous models using incidence data

UCR Contributed Talk Prize for MEPI

Dana Kleimeier | Mathematical modeling of 1-MT-induced production of the ant-inflammatory metabolite KYNA in pigs

Kyle Dahlin | Predicting reservoirs of mosquito-borne zoonoses: Modelling interactions between temperature and pace of host life history

MEPI Contributed Talk Prizes

Joshua C. Macdonald | Modeling COVID-19 outbreaks in United States with distinct testing, lockdown speed and fatigue rates

Maria Aguiar | Modeling COVID19 in the Basque Country: from introduction to control


NEUR Poster Prizes

Quynh-Anh Nguyen | Modeling intermittent synchronization of gamma-band neural oscillations

Seokjoo Chae | The data-based inference method reveals the network structure of the SCN

UCR Contributed Talk Prize for NEUR

John Parker | Existence of Cupolets in Chaotic Hindmarsh-Rose Neural Model


Applied BioMath Poster Prize for ONCO

Brydon Eastman | Reinforcement learning derived chemotherapeutic schedules for robust patient-specific therapy given unknown patient response parameters

ONCO Poster Prizes

Sara Hamis | Mathematical modelling quantifies ERK-activity in response to vertical inhibition of the BRAFV600E-MEK-ERK cascade in melanoma

Lee Curtin | Discerning Glioblastoma Subpopulation Interactions through In Vitro Experiments and Mathematical Modeling

Nathan Lee | Inferring parameters of cancer evolution from sequencing and clinical data

Chandler Gatenbee | Immune escape at the onset of human colorectal cancer

Ellen Swanson | Enhancing CAR-T Immunotherapy to Attack Both Tumor and Cancer Stem Cells

UCR Contributed Talk Prize for ONCO

Maalavika Pillai | Systems-level analysis of phenotypic plasticity and heterogeneity in melanoma

ONCO Contributed Talk Prizes

Linus Schumacher | Mutational fitness in age-related clonal haematopoiesis quantified from longitudinal data

Mohammed Zahid | In Silico Trial to Estimate Personalized Radiotherapy Dose in Head and Neck Cancer

Matthias M Fischer | Mathematical modelling of colon epithelium population dynamics reveals conditions for maintaining tissue homoeostasis

Michael Raatz | Of slow cells and slower decline – Phenotypic heterogeneity and treatment type in cancer

Kevin Murgas | Hierarchical Modeling of DNA Methylation Conservation in Colon Cancer


MFBM Poster Prizes

Samarth Kadaba | Discovering Sequence-Activity Relationships using Machine Learning: Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Gaussian Process Regressions (GPRs)

Hyundong Kim | Numerical simulation of the pattern formation in reaction-diffusion equations on time-stepped moving curved surfaces

Yun Min Song | Universally valid reduction of multiscale stochastic biochemical systems with simple non-elementary propensities

Galina Kolesova | Application of different approaches to generate virtual patient populations for QSP model of Erythropoiesis

Alex John Quijano | Evolving Contextual Semantics

UCR Contributed Talk Prize for MFBM

Sta Léa | IL-7R mathematical modelling: algebraic expressions for amplitude and EC50

MFBM Contributed Talk Prizes

Miroslav Phan | A Rejection Based Gillespie Algorithm for non-Markovian Stochastic Processes with Individual Reactant Properties

Elizabeth Trofimenkoff | An algorithm for obtaining parametric conditions for the validity of the steady-state approximation

Johannes Borgqvist | Symmetry methods for model-construction and analysis in the context of collective cell migration

Wayne Hayes | The One True Way to use GO terms to evaluate Network Alignments

Aden Forrow | Learning stochastic dynamics with measurement noise


DILISym Poster Prize for POPD

Connah Johnson | ChemChaste: Modelling chemical dynamics in spatially distributed bio-films

Merck Poster Prize for POPD

Peter Nabutanyi | Modelling Interaction of Genetic Problems in Small Populations and Minimum Viable Population Size

POPD Poster Prizes

Anuraag Bukkuri | Tortoise and the Hare: On the Contribution of Evolvability to Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of Competing Species

Benjamin Garcia de Figueiredo | Investigating first-crossing statistics in movement models with home-ranging behavior

Emmanuel Adabor | On the analysis of antigenic relatedness of influenza A (H3N2) viruses

Lucy Lansch-Justen | Quantifying Stress-induced Mutagenesis

UCR Contributed Talk Prize for POPD

Peter Thompson | Using movement models to identify spatial memory in animals

Jody Reimer | Beyond the mean: incorporating small scale heterogeneity into algal bloom models using generalized polynomial chaos

POPD Contributed Talk Prizes

Arwa Abdulla Baabdulla | Homogenization of a Reaction Diffusion Equation can Explain Influenza A Virus Load Data

Léonard Dekens | Quantitative Trait in a Patchy Environment: Beneath the Gaussian Approximation


UCR Contributed Talk Prizes for CBBS

Tara Hameed | A systematic workflow to assess the useability of data in model development

Yukitaka Ishimoto | In-vivo cell flow visualisation using deep learning and other means

Martijn de Jong | Cellular Potts model of convergent extension can explain shape variability of gastruloids

Gess Iraji | Mathematical Modeling of Clogging in Microfluidic Structures from Simple to Complex Geometries

Jackie Taylor | An advection-diffusion-aggregation model for the colony formation and vertical motility of Microcystis aeruginosa


UCR Contributed Talk Prizes for MMPB

Minseo Kim | Revealing the Effect of Hydration on Kidney Stone Formation Through Singular Perturbation Analysis

Dongheon Lee | Hybrid Data-driven Mechanistic Modeling Approach to Describe Uncertain Intracellular Signaling Pathways

Mohit Dalwadi | Emergent robustness of bacterial quorum sensing in fluid flow


PD-Value Poster Prize for OTHE

Souvadra Hati | Operating Principles of Circular Toggle Polygons

Amgen Poster Prize for OTHE

Sophie Fischer | A mechanistic model for endocrine profiles of female puberty maturation


Daniel Cooney

Roeland Merks